“Dr Leah Brown, 46, ‘received every vaccine known to man’ when she was on active duty in the military for 12 years. Now the Arizona-based orthopaedic surgeon is frustrated by the unvaccinated population that is making the pandemic feel like a battleground. ‘Medicine is based on science and experts. I don’t know when expert opinion or expert knowledge took a backseat to politics,’ Brown said.

The consequences of the Covid surge are severe for Brown’s patients. She is forced to tell them that they can’t have their shoulder replaced or a spine operation because there are no ICU beds or nurses to do the surgery. She worries that people will continue to get sicker and stressed without timely care.”

— Sadia Rafiquddin in The Guardian

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Software developer
Web / desktop / embedded — JS, C#, C++



Sequencer & synthesizer
Android — C++, Android NDK


Word-finding game
Free, open source — Windows — C#, Windows Forms


Roguelike game
Windows — C++, WinAPI


Desktop alarm clock
Free, open source — Windows — Delphi


JavaScript Notes

Programming language notes
ECMAScript 2019

C# Notes

Programming language notes
C# 7.3

C++ Notes

Programming language notes

React Notes

Front-end web framework notes
React 17

WPF Notes

Windows UI framework notes
WPF 4.5 — XAML 2006

Git Notes

Version control notes
Git 2.0

Split Notation

Identifier naming convention
OOP development

Math + Science

Physics Notes (PDF)

Mechanics — Thermodynamics
Optics — Electromagnetism

DSP Notes (PDF)

Filters — Audio processing
Fourier, Laplace, and Z-tranforms

Math Notes (PDF)

Geometry — Algebra

Mathematica Notes

Math software notes
Mathematica 12


Play Time

Analysis of MMORPG play
as economic activity


Electronic music
DIY music production


Honesty — Fairness
Prosperity — Progress

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