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It shouldn't be necessary to say this, but the Confederacy was led by traitors who made war on their own country because they wanted to practice slavery. They accomplished nothing else, they are famous for nothing else. These racists committed the greatest act of treason in U.S. history, yet Republicans think they should be celebrated. That tells you everything there is to know about the hypocrisy of modern conservatism, and its sickening indifference to racism.


Software developer — Mobile / embedded / desktop — C++, C#

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Jeremy Kelly

Software development — Mobile / embedded / desktop


  • Mobile and Embedded: Sixteen years experience on multiple platforms, including Android NDK, Windows CE, and some Linux. Extensive work in touchscreen UI design, cross-platform development, and development for devices with performance constraints.
  • Desktop: Full-life-cycle experience creating line-of-business and commercial applications. Experience using multiple UI frameworks, including Windows Forms, and designing custom UI frameworks and controls. Broad database background, including database design, SQL, and reports.
  • Skills: Detailed knowledge of C++ and C#. Extensive object-oriented design expertise in multiple languages. Superior writing and speaking skills. Experience with multithreaded development, socket programming, audio development, and DSP. Some familiarity with OpenGL, HTML, and CSS.

Work Experience

  • Jun 2013 - Present

    Independent Software Contractor
    Antefix Consulting LLC, Des Moines, Iowa
    Provider of contract development services. Performed extensive bug fixing, refactoring, internationalization, and some new development in desktop and embedded applications used to plan directional drilling projects. Created test apps and utilities for hardware production team, built complex Windows Forms control with full-featured console output. Extensive work with C#, C++, and Managed C++. Some work with WPF/Silverlight, XAML, and Windows CE.

  • Jan 2012 - Feb 2015

    Independent Software Developer
    Anthemion Industries, Des Moines, Iowa
    Designer and developer of Syntheogen, music sequencer and synthesizer for Android devices. Created full-featured cross-platform UI framework for touchscreen devices, extensible real-time synthesis engine with multiple synthesis and effect types, and innovative step sequencer with support for polyrhythms, arbitrary time signatures, flexible note ties and bends, and automatic transposition. Extensive work with C++, Android NDK, Win32 API, OpenGL ES, OpenSL, and audio DSP. Some work with Android SDK.

    More information at www.syntheogen.com.

  • Mar 2010 - Jan 2012

    Computer Engineer
    HandEra, Urbandale, Iowa
    Applications developer for company providing engineering and ODM services. Solely implemented cross-platform UI for in-car media device with satellite TV, DVD and CD player, iPhone/iPod connectivity, and local media browser. Developed software for headless set-top TV appliance, several test apps, and cross-platform framework for building console test applications. Extensive work with C++, Win32 API, and Windows CE. Some work with C#, OpenGL ES, COM, Qt, and Linux.

  • Jan 2009 - Jul 2009

    Sr. Embedded Software Engineer / Contractor
    John Deere Intelligent Vehicle Systems,
    Urbandale, Iowa
    Worked with large team on in-vehicle embedded applications used to control tractors and farm implements. Developed extensible on-screen keyboard with foreign language support, assisted with usability improvements and documentation. Worked with C++ and Windows CE.

  • Apr 2007 - Dec 2008

    Software Engineer
    Cummins-Allison, Mount Prospect, Illinois
    Part of two-person team that developed front end for new paper currency scanner. Designed and implemented lightweight transaction database with extensible query system, real-time bill image transfer system over TCP/IP, flexible metadata export system implementing numerous legacy protocols over serial connection. Solely responsible for Windows CE platform development with Platform Builder. Extensive work with C++, sockets, and Windows CE. Some work with C# and ASP.NET.

  • Aug 2000 - Nov 2006

    Software Engineer
    Peapod, Skokie, Illinois
    Mobile and desktop developer for fulfillment team at pioneering web grocer. Created suite of wireless mobile applications used to fulfill over 1000 orders per day, including picking application, quality control and inventory management apps, and launcher. Performed emergency port from PalmOS to Windows Mobile, allowing new facility to open on schedule. Designed and implemented numerous Windows desktop apps, including scriptable server emulator, server stress-testing tool, production monitoring utilities, fulfillment reports, and parts of device inventory system. Extensive work with C++, MFC, Delphi, sockets, barcode scan engines, SQL, Windows Mobile, and PalmOS. Some work with Java, JSP, HTML, and CSS.

  • Jul 1999 - Aug 2000

    Software Developer
    Haven Corporation, Evanston, Illinois
    Worked with small team on commercial desktop application used to manage mail-order businesses. Implemented several subsystems with emphasis on UI design, database development, and reports. Extensive work with Delphi and SQL.

  • Jan 1998 - Jul 1999

    Software Developer
    Shared Marketing Services, Chicago, Illinois
    Worked with several developers on in-house desktop application used to audit co-op advertising claims. Designed and implemented flexible and user-friendly report management system, configurable mailing generator, version control system for local databases, and numerous complex reports. Extensive work with Delphi, Paradox, and SQL.


  • May 2004

    Bachelor of Science, Economics
    University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa

Other Experience

  • www.anthemion.org
    Personal site with development resources, open source software, music, and other projects.