“Dr Leah Brown, 46, ‘received every vaccine known to man’ when she was on active duty in the military for 12 years. Now the Arizona-based orthopaedic surgeon is frustrated by the unvaccinated population that is making the pandemic feel like a battleground. ‘Medicine is based on science and experts. I don’t know when expert opinion or expert knowledge took a backseat to politics,’ Brown said.

The consequences of the Covid surge are severe for Brown’s patients. She is forced to tell them that they can’t have their shoulder replaced or a spine operation because there are no ICU beds or nurses to do the surgery. She worries that people will continue to get sicker and stressed without timely care.”

— Sadia Rafiquddin in The Guardian


Roguelike game — Windows — C++, WinAPI

Magister is a roguelike game I started developing many years ago. I like roguelikes (especially Stone Soup and Moria) because they are fun and direct. They focus always on gameplay, which is what games are about.

This particular roguelike is meant to provide denser tactical play than others, and I hope it will avoid some of the tedious elements common to CRPG. Inventory management, for instance, can produce interesting tactical challenges, but it often devolves into irritating busywork. The level grind appeals even less.

Magister will be free, and at some point the code will be made open source. The project is somewhat more than half complete; a recent build is pictured here:

As often happens in roguelike projects, the work is now in extended hibernation. Check back in a few years?