“Let’s not bullshit about this. Racism is a wonderfully effective political tool for Republicans, yet explicit racism is frowned upon in polite society now, so there is a constant flow of new issues to stand in for racism in political discourse. Lee Atwater, who invented Nixon’s ‘southern strategy’, explained this all decades ago, and it is still true. George Wallace could be outright racist, but subsequent generations of politicians have had to cloak it in ‘welfare reform’ or being ‘tough on crime’ or, now, opposition to ‘wokeness’ and ‘critical race theory’ — things which mean, by the way, ‘caring about racism’.”

— Hamilton Nolan in The Guardian


Word-finding game — Web & mobile — JavaScript, React

Ogle is a free word-finding game for the web and mobile. It derives from a tabletop game you’ve probably played, but the pace is much faster. Play it now.

I created the first version of this app years back, when I was learning C#. I created this version when I was learning React.

Ogle is a progressive web app (PWA), so you can install and use it on your phone much like any other app. If you navigate to the play address, your phone should offer to install it. Your phone’s browser will also display Install app (or similar) in its page menu.

If you find a bug, let me know.

Source code

Ogle has copyright ©2007-2022 Jeremy Kelly. You can view the source code at GitHub, but — for now, at least — you may not modify, reuse, or redistribute it. I may open-source the project some day.

The Ogle word lists derive from SCOWL, copyright ©2000-2004 Kevin Atkinson. Use and distribution of SCOWL are subject to the terms of the SCOWL License.